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Indivisible Condemns Attack on Donald Trump

"Political violence of any kind is unacceptable. Indivisible stands against the despicable attack on Donald Trump at his rally in Pennsylvania today, without reservation. The Indivisible movement is united in absolute opposition to any form of political violence, regardless of motivation or circumstance."

Indivisible on Trump v. U.S.

We no longer have a real Supreme Court. We have a MAGA institution that runs defense for Trump and unilaterally writes laws against the will of the people. These partisan hacks in robes just threw the Constitution out the window and handed a huge win to their convicted felon presidential candidate.

Indivisible on the Supreme Court Relentless Decision

We cannot allow this power grab to go unchecked. Congress must uphold our Constitution and fight back by instituting structural reforms – including expanding the court – to unrig the court and rein in the MAGA supermajority.

Indivisible on the Supreme Court Fischer Decision

Instead of safeguarding our peaceful transition of power, the ruling in Fischer v. United States will make it even more difficult to hold the hundreds of January 6 insurrectionists accountable for the deadly attack on our democracy. 

Indivisible on the Supreme Court EMTALA Decision

Nothing says ‘this MAGA Supreme Court is playing politics with our rights and health’ like SCOTUS recklessly and needlessly endangering women’s lives, and then punting on issuing a major ruling in an election-year. The MAGA Justices should be ashamed of themselves.