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Netanyahu’s Attack on Rafah

The line has been crossed. It’s past time for Biden to firmly stand by his own words, break withNetanyahu, and immediately halt any more US weapons being supplied for this offensive. The killing must stop.

President Biden, Don’t Undermine the Rule Of Law for Netanyahu

Netanyahu and his government are perpetrating a brutal war with enormous civilian loss of life, through direct bombing and gunfire, as well as from restriction of food, water, and medicine. Undermining the legitimacy of the International Criminal Court on Netanyahu's behalf would be a grave strategic mistake - a mistake that Indivisible urges President Biden and congressional leaders to avoid.

Justice Alito’s ‘Stop the Steal’ Upside-down Flag

Alito is not an impartial arbiter of the law, especially when Donald Trump is involved. His brazen actions underscore the urgent need for increased Congressional oversight of the Court as well as structural reforms to restore its legitimacy.

Biden $1 Billion Arms Deal with Israeli Military

The announcement that the administration would move forward with a $1 billion arms sale to the Israeli military undermines what should be a clear message. The horror faced by Palestinians in Gaza demands more urgency. The US must halt offensive arms transfers and exert significant diplomatic pressure to secure a ceasefire, now.

Indivisible calls on US Lawmakers to Oppose the Invasion of Rafah

Netanyahu’s ‘Rafah invasion no matter what’ posture cannot stand. U.S. weapons and security aid cannot support Netanyahu’s invasion of Rafah, which would amount to the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. We call on U.S. lawmakers to withhold arms transfers, to enforce U.S. and international laws, to follow through on the commitments of Biden’s National Security Memorandum, and to use every ounce of diplomatic leverage to prevent this accelerating nightmare.